Writing is taught systematically across the school daily (both in English lessons and other curriculum areas) according to National Curriculum expectations in terms of knowledge and skills.Across our federation, we use a Mastery Based approach to ensure porgression and development in writing, whilst ensuring key knowledge and skills are reguarly revisited and consolidated.

In EYFS and Year 1, writing is taught using a visual, discussion-for-writing type approach. By the end of Year 1, as the children develop their writing skills. Our Mastery for wirting approach applies The Literacy Company - Pathways to Write Methodology.  This scheme, and our teaching of writing from EYFS right through to Y6, is based around ensuring consistency in the apporach to the teaching of writing and the associated vocabularly used by Teachers. Common language is threaded through the whole curriculum, not simply in an English lesson but throughout the wider curriclum. The benefit of this whole-school, carefully sequenced approach is that previous learning can be built on effectively, giving all our children the opportunity to become fluent, expressive and confident writers.

Grammar and punctuation

 Pupils in all years are taught to use appropriate elements of spelling, grammar and punctuation based on the National Curriculum guidelines and our subject progression ladders.  Both grammar and punctuation are integrated to writing lessons and emphasised when applying writing across the curriculum.


In EYFS and Year 1, our children are taught discrete phonics every day where appropriate. Spelling is then taught in Year 2 and across KS2 by following the No Nonsense Spelling Programme. This is a creative and progressive program, which is delivered in discrete sessions, providing a comprehensive yet accessible year-by-year progression in the teaching of spelling. Within the sessions, a range of strategies for learning spellings are introduced and practised. This enables pupils to choose the strategies they find most effective for learning different words.

Our English Curriculum, coverage of the National Curriculum, skills and knowledge, and detailed progression document outling the steps in learning our pupils make to build their knowledge and skills in Writing are detailed in the downloadable document listed at the bottom of this page.

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