Vision, Values and Ethos

We are a small Church of England primary school with big aspirations, nurturing confident and curious young people who respect and value our world and each other.  The life of our school is rooted in our Christian Values enabling all to flourish. 

‘Believing we can achieve’.

Our vision is shared by both schools in our Federation, while recognising that we are each unique.

Our Vision

Our school vision reminds us that even though we are a small school there are no limits on how high we can set our sights, and because we are a small school every single child is known and valued.  This is a big vision which firmly sets the emotional, social, spiritual and academic growth of our pupils at the heart of everything that we do.

Biblical Foundations

Our vision has its roots in the Bible story of the calling of David from 1 Samuel 16.  David was the youngest of eight sons of Jesse.  One day God sent Samuel the Prophet to visit Jesse and anoint one of his sons as the next king.  However, when Jesse called his sons in to meet Samuel, they left David out in the fields as they thought he was too small to be considered.  Despite this it was clear to Samuel that none of the older brothers were right.  Finally, Jesse called young David in and Samuel knew immediately that he was God’s chosen king.  God challenges Samuel’s assumption that the bigger and stronger brothers are better by telling him that, “People look at what is on the outside, but I care about what is on the inside”.

We believe that being a small school is a great strength as it enables every child to be known and loved for who God has made them.  As “Embracing Change”, the Church of England’s 2018 report on rural and small schools, puts it:

“In the Bible, God consistently raises up the small and places the outsider in the centre of the narrative of salvation. The youngest son is called to be a king, the smallest town is the setting for the greatest of events, and a small group of people bear faithful and continuous witness to God. It is not simply that the small and humble are given equal weight as the great and mighty. The message is far stronger, God chooses the small, the little, the despised and the humble and reveals them to be more significant than the things that the world praises for being great and mighty.”

Christian Values and Ethos

Our Christian Values underpin all that we do in school, and each month we focus on one in particular. At the end of the month we hold a Celebration Worshi Assembly where we nominate one boy and girl from each class to achieve our special Value of the Month award.

Our Christian Values are:

Respect – This means valuing and celebrating our differences, being kind to one another, and following Jesus’ teachings to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Thankfulness – This means being polite to everyone, learning to appreciate each others’ gifts and skills, and noticing all that is good in the world around us.

Courage – This means being brave and strong even if things are scary, and being confident in standing up for ourselves and others.

Kindness – This means being kind, caring and thoughtful in everything we do, being tolerant and sensitive to others, and loving our neighbour as ourselves.

Perseverance – This means having a go and trying our best even if we find something tricky, and always aiming high in what we can achieve with a positive attitude.

Friendship – This means having fun together, caring about each other and showing that we care, and always helping and supporting each other.

Forgiveness – This means saying sorry when we’ve made mistakes, accepting apologies from others, and being understanding and willing to make friends again.

Patience – This means understanding that we will each achieve things in our own time, showing endurance when times are tough, and facing delays and challenges with a positive attitude.

Responsibility – This means taking care of our own things, taking responsibility for our own preparation and learning, and being independent in showing initiative around school.

Truthfulness – This means being honest, telling the truth even when it’s difficult, and always trying to make the right choices.

Trust – This means doing what we say we will do, being reliable, and working well together with others.


As a church school, our ethos is underpinned by a commitment to these Christian values. The ethos statement from our Instrument of Government states:

‘Recognising its historic foundation, the school will preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church at parish and diocesan level. The school aims to serve its community by providing education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice. It encourages an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith and promotes Christian values through the experience it offers all its pupils.’


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