School Uniform

All children at Adderely CE Primary School are expected to wear our school uniform. We are very proud of our school and our uniform helps give us a sense of belonging to the Adderely learning community. Our uniform also allows us to promote our school and for it to be recognised for its good behaviour and politeness out in the local community, when on educational visits.

Items displaying the school logo are available to order online from Other items are readily available from the usual high street children’s clothing outlets and supermarkets.

Please name the clothes your child wears to school and check regularly that your labelling hasn’t faded.

School cannot be held responsible for any personal items lost or damaged on school premises. We will, however, endeavour to prevent loss or accidents occurring.

Children should not wear jewellery to school; it may get lost and we cannot accept responsibility, but more importantly, it can be potentially dangerous when children are playing and taking part in PE.

Make-up, including nail polish, is not acceptable in school. Hair should be neat and tidy. Long hair should be tied back. Extreme hairstyles and hair carving are not appropriate.

School uniform may be varied for health reasons or on religious grounds in consultation with the headteacher.


The school dress code is as follows:

Daily Wear:

Navy sweatshirt or sweat cardi (School Logo)

Navy or white polo shirt (School Logo)

Black or grey trousers or skirt

Black or grey shorts

Grey pinafore dress

Blue gingham dress (summer)

Plain blue, grey or black hat - Legionnaire’s style recommended for sun protection (summer)

Appropriate footwear: plain black, grey, navy – no high heels

Coat for colder weather - any colour

PE Kit:

Blue shorts

Sky blue tee-shirt (School Logo)

Light blue sweat hoodie (optional)

Sweat pants navy, grey or black

Trainers or pumps


Forest School Kit:

Old clothes/clothes you don’t mind getting muddy!!

Long sleeved tee-shirt or jumper to protect from nettles/brambles

Long trousers

Waterproof coveralls

Wellies or old shoes

Old coat/hat/scarf

Other accessories (without our logo) are available on the website including: book bags, PE bags, caps.

If you require further assistance, please telephone or call in at the school office where Mrs Plant will be happy to help.

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