Eco Council 2022-2023

Welcome to our Eco Council page


Our Eco Council is made of an Eco representative from each class across the school. We get together every half term  to discuss eco-friendly and environmental issues within our school as well as taking part in activities to improve the eco friendliness of our school.  Last year, our Eco Council took part in building and putting up bird boxes in our forest to encourage new birds to nest in the spring. 


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Bat boxes- This year the Eco council are also being supported by representatives from the Audlem Wildlife and Ecology Group. Andy visited our forest last half term with a bat detector and discovered that we do indeed have bats living in our wood. Because of this, we have decided to build four bat boxes to give our bats a safe place to settle. Andy will be coming into school in the next couple of weeks to build the boxes with our eco team.


Bird feeding stations- The children have also been setting up bird feeding stations around the school to care for our feathered friends during the cold winter months. We now have a healthy population of birds visiting our school grounds including blue tits, great tits, robins, nuthatches and event he odd woodpecker. The Eco team will also be organising activities to support the Great British Bird Watch to support the work of the RSPB


RSPB - Go Wild Challenge- The Eco council will continue to work towards the bronze award as part of the RSPB Go Wild Challenge. To complete the award the team will need to complete 6 activities and submit evidence these have been completed. The Great British Bird Watch ticks off one of these challenges.


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