Curriculum Provision 2021-2022

Curriculum Implementation 2021-2022

How our curriculum is sequenced, taught and assessed. How we support pupils with being able to build on their knowledge and as a result, being able to apply that knowledge through taught skills.

The curriculum at Adderley ensures that every pupil is provided with the opportunity to shine. Staff take into consideration, and are well informed about, pupils’ different interests, abilities and personalities and make sure that all are able to experience success, believe in themselves and feel valued by others; building upon talents both in and outside school. Pupils’ achievements are noticed and applauded. Perseverance in the face of difficulties is encouraged. Consequently, pupils develop ‘can-do’ attitudes and the resilience needed to be confident and capable learners.

Our vibrant and rich curriculum is designed so that children are not only taught the knowledge appropriate to their year group, but also the skills to enable them to be successful across the curriculum. The curriculum consists of planned experiences in school and out: lessons, topic days, outdoor learning, school parliament, assemblies, clubs, sports, trips and visits, workshops, residentials, fund raising, and community work.  Outcomes are designed to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum but also to develop the skills needed for future learning and beyond.

The curriculum is mapped out to ensure pupils experiencec a broad and balanced curriculum and acquire both knowledge and skills which both build upom exisiting knowledge and understanding. This currilcum is regualrly reviewed to ensure . The programmes of study for all subject area are mapped out linking units of work together to create a cross curricular theme on a half termly basis. We have developed a ‘Mastery’ approach to learning so that all children are given the opportunity to apply their knowledge in different contexts and explain their understanding to others.

In order to ensure that progression and balance is maintained, we have clear, progressive planning overviews, for every subject. These planning documents are succinct and allow learning to be built on each year. In addition to these progressive documents, intent documents have been devised, which clearly identify ‘end goals’ for each subject, from a year group level, key stage and then through to end of the primary phase.

At Adderley, we aim to equip children with the knowledge and expertise to prepare them for Secondary school and beyond. Alongside the traditional lessons here at Adderley, which involves the teaching of essential knowledge, we also guide our pupils to learn the skills of critical thinking, reasoning about problems, creating solutions to problems set in real life, confident speaking to others and working collaboratively.  Across the curriculum, children are given opportunities to explore, investigate, question, analyse, and reflect (to name a few) throughout their lessons. Through providing these experiences, we believe it helps to strengthen children’s subject knowledge and provide memorable learning experiences for the children. As a school, we have designed our curriculum to help children learn essential knowledge and skills in order to develop a greater understanding of a wider range of foundation subjects.

"The good quality curriculum makes a significant contribution to pupils’ personal development, behaviour and welfare. Forest school is particularly valued by pupils and is shared with pupils across the federation." OfSTED September 2018.



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